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Value proposal

Ultraserfinco´s team that handles our High Net Worth segment is aware of how important it is to handle clients´portfolios in a professional manner. It works with a value proposal based on medium and long-term perspectives. It is based on four main pillars:

  • It´s a team decision, each manager knows and understands their client´s needs and risk profile. Managers are supported by a group of experts and an effective investment process.

  • We have a constant and proactive communication strategy with all of our clients, allowing us to create schemes that fit the lifestyle of each client either through  discretional portfolio management (GPA) or a non-discretional portfolio with active participation.

  • Our team continuously reviews each client´s portfolio with an active management strategy  A follow up of the entire investment process is then conducted to evaluate portfolio implementation and performance. Indicators such as profitability and risk are then communicated to the team as part of feedback on the investment process.
  • We create reports which show the client’s portfolio performance, Ranging from profitability to risk variation (VAR).