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Value Proposal

The institutional business segment of Ultraserfinco looks for a deep, technical and a personalized understanding of our clients’ needs in order to provide them with the best service possible. This service starts from a simple broker format and goes up to one that provides tailor-made opportunities that better suit our client’s portfolio.

Our institutional format is extremely flexible, allowing brokers trade, invest and strategize both independently and with clients. This allows for a tailor-made approach unique to Ultraserfinco.

Our team of experts offer investments in multiple asset classes such as equities, fixed income and mutual funds in both domestic and international markets.  Achieving and efficient allocation of capital in each client´s portfolio is one of our main goals.


This newest segment of Ultraserfinco is also our fastest growing, and always demonstrates the following:

  • Handling all client matters with strict confidentiality and transparency.
  • Managing time and capital resources in a highly efficient manner.
  • Acting as a full-service intermediary for securities in most asset classes.
  • Consistently closing business and developing new business in the best interest of our clients.                                                                                                                                                                                                           

Our clients

Our institutional clients invest net assets of $100,000,000 (USD) or greater in financial markets. Our clients in this segment are made up of top entities in the pension fund, banking, insurance, trust, mutual fund and stock brokerage sectors.