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Ethical Line

What is the Ethical Line?

It is a communication channel created for our different interest groups: employees, clients, shareholders and other stakeholders - the line exists so that they can report deviations, violations or incorrect actions (real or potential) to our internal control system, conduct code, good governance code, SARLAFT’s manual (for the prevention of money laundering and terrorism financing) as well as subjects related to human resources.

What sort of things can I report?

Through Ultraserfinco's ethical line anyone can report events like: report or information manipulation, fraud, theft, abuse of confidence, embezzlement, manipulation of financial statements, notification of suspicious activities, money laundering or terrorism financing, technological abuse, violations of rules or laws, human resource matters (lack of preparation, nonconformity, divulging confidential or privileged information), as well as the omissions or absence of controls in Ultraserfinco’s processes or products.

How can I contact Ultraserfinco’s ethical line?

Ultraserfinco has three available channels to receive your reports anonymously and in complete confidence:

  1. Through its toll free line 018000123333 which you may call 7 days a week 24 hour a day, from any city in Colombia.

  2. Through our email

  3. To fill out the ethical line’s form please click here.