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The following are the terms and conditions of use for the VIRTUAL SERFINCO service for electronic transactions over the Internet, as provided by SERFINCO S.A. and hereinafter called “the service”.

From the moment that the client clicks OK and/or from the first use of the service he is understood to have acceptance and knowledge of the terms and conditions. Having accessed the service, the client becomes a “user” and will be referred to as such, hereafter.

The user may be required to enter their ID and one or more security keys provided by SERFINCO to validate their access to the services provided.

Terms and Conditions of Use of the Transactional Site

FIRST: The service allows the user to raise queries and carry out transactions on the securities and securities titles that they have registered at SERFINCO S.A.

SECOND: The passwords that are given are used to perform the following operations through the SERFINCO website:

A. Balance Inquiry: You can see a detailed, up-to-date balance, made up of various investments of the equity funds managed by SERFINCO S.A. You can see movements on your account for a specific day and for a specific investment account.

B. Generation and printing of specific investment extracts for any of the securities funds managed by SERFINCO S.A.

C. Generation and printing of investment portfolios: You can generate and print an up-to-date, consolidated investment portfolio you may have at SERFINCO S.A.

D. Generation and printing of investment tax reports for the equity funds managed by SERFINCO S.A.
E. Perform constitutions, additions, withdrawals, cancellations of the mutual funds managed by SERFINCO S.A. toward one of the bank accounts you have previously registered and where you are the sole owner.

F. Change or lock your personal password.

G. Update your personal and financial information.

H. Export movement information into pdf files.

I. Customize your investment accounts: You can assign a name to each investment, according to your criteria, for better clarity in the management of your equity fund investments managed by SERFINCO S.A.

J. Subscribe or unsubscribe to various economic reports.

Note: All transactions that are subject to verification.

THIRD: SERFINCO S.A. may suspend the service, add new operations or exclude some operations when it deems it to be necessary. This does not require prior communication with the users of the service..

FOURTH: THE USER who gets the password(s) will be able to run the operations described above, and is subject to the policies herein. They also agree to use the service in accordance with the instructions given by SERFINCO through THE SERVICE.

FIFTH: THE SERVICE may be provided on either the technological platform of SERFINCO or by third parties agreed with by SERFINCO. THE USER shall be responsible for possessing the appropriate means for the transmission of information via the Internet, as well as the security of their computer equipment and their means of communication.

SIXTH: The passwords assigned are personal and non- transferable. Discretion and confidentiality is the responsibility of the user. SERFINCO will not be liable for any damages to which the user may be exposed to, due to any password disclosure.

SEVENTH: SERFINCO does not guarantee the continuous and uninterrupted access to the service. In addition it is not responsible for any faults, computer errors, server viruses or other harmful agents. As a result it will be the responsibility of the user to take appropriate measures to prevent and/or correct any unwanted side-effects of such agents.

EIGHTH: Equally SERFINCO is not be responsible for the continuity of service when events of force majeure or unforeseen circumstances arise, that prevent service delivery.

NINTH: Termination. This service will be provided by SERFINCO S.A. indefinitely. However, the user can disable the services offered through the options provided in the service or a written communication delivered to SERFINCO.

TENTH: It is the responsibility of the service user to inform SERFINCO S. A. of the following facts:

  • Loss or theft of private password

  • Any problems in the implementation or confirmation of an electronic order

  • When any operation was placed without your authorization by this electronic means. (This must be reported immediately).

ELEVENTH: The entry of the password for the first time is sufficient to signify acceptance and understanding of these terms, conditions and policies. The system’s electronic record of your password entry is also agreed to be proof of the operations carried out. (This must be reported immediately).

TWELFTH: The policies and conditions of access and use set forth herein and any conflicts that may arise with respect to their interpretation, use, scope and termination are governed by the laws of Colombian and are subject to the judges and courts of Colombia.

THIRTEENTH:In the event that you enter the wrong password three times, the system will automatically block. Access will be regained within three (3) days of submitting a written request. Such a request must be made directly through your assigned commercial advisor.

FOURTEENTH: SERFINCO S. A. is not responsible for the management or interpretation that users give to the information presented in this service as a matter of consultation.

FIFTHTEENTH: SERFINCO reserves the right to provide this service free of charge, but it also reserves the right to implement charges at any given time. In the event of such charges, users will be given thirty (30) calendar days advanced warning through the SERFINCO web page Any user who wishes to end their use of the service should do so by written confirmation to their financial advisor. In the case of failure to do this, SERFINCO will understand that the charges for the service have been accepted.

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