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Local Shares


Through SERFINCO you can become a partner of important companies that are listed on the Colombian Stock Exchange and participate in their valuation.

Shares are one of the assets that have been shown to have a long-term valuation on the financial market. These shares can diversify and increase the profitability of your portfolio. This profitability comes in two ways. Firstly, through the distribution of company profits to its shareholders in the form of dividends and secondly because of the difference in the price of the share on the market between the time of purchase and sale.

Having shares in your portfolio also gives you the advantage of certain tax benefits. The share earnings, whether received as a dividend and/or generated through share price movements, are tax-free in general. This is because they are not considered as income or additional earnings. Also, current Colombian law says that investments in shares can be excluded from calculations of net assets.

Join SERFINCO where a specialized team will guide and advise you in accordance with your investment objectives and your risk profile. We will give you the information you need to make decisions in a timely manner


International Stock Market


SERFINCO has signed contracts of correspondent with recognized companies abroad, such as First American Capital and Trading Corp. These contracts give you the ability to acquire different investment alternatives in international markets.

Through these companies you can negotiate shares in various international markets. They also provide you with advice which allows you to choose the options that best fit your investment expectations