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Repo Operations

It is an operation in which a shareholder looks for temporary, short-term liquidity through the sale of their shares to a buyer. The ownership of the securities is then returned to the shareholder under agreed terms and conditions. The buyer looks for a rate of return on the resources that have been temporarily exchanged for the shares, which are exclusively kept as a guarantee and consequently cannot be negotiated on the market.

These operations can only be performed on shares that have been qualified as high liquidity. To ensure our customers' peace of mind, we have set a maximum limited of up to 90 days and we require more guarantees than the minimum required by the Stock Exchange.

Simultaneous Operations

Simultaneous operations are transactions of sale with a repurchase agreement set at a future price which is linked to a rate of interest agreed by both parties. They are used when a person or company needs liquidity. They get it through the securities that they have, without having to sell any of their assets permanently.

This type of operation involves two parties: the active party is the person who has excess liquidity and purchases the securities with a commitment to resell them at the end of a set time period. The passive party is the person who needs the money. They initially sell their assets and then repurchase them at a later date. The simultaneous are negotiated via MEC (Electronic Trading System of the Colombian Stock Exchange), track SEN (negotiation system of the Bank of the Republic) or track OTC (over the counter).