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What you should consider before investing

Educación financiera

“A prudent investor: Knows his investment, knows his intermediary, knows his risks, knows his rights and obligations and permanently controls his investment"


Keep in mind the following aspects when making an investment decision:

  • Establish your priorities: Have a clear objective for your investment, your priorities, what do you expect from your investment, and how long do you wish to invest for (differentiating between your short, medium and long-term investments), what sort of risks are you willing to take. Analyze your profile; establish your goals in order to choose an investment that fulfills your expectations.

  • Know your investments: Before investing, it is essential to read the documents that describe the investment, factsheets and anything related to what is being offered. Be careful and always pay attention to any relevant factor that may have an effect on your investment. Keep in mind that every investment has its risks, therefore if you have any doubts, ask about them.

  • Make sure you understand where and how your money is being invested, as well as the implicit risks, costs and expenses this investment may bring with it.

  • Decide what you wish to invest in. Never invest in an instrument or financial product you don’t understand.

  • Any investment decision you make must be based on verifiable information.

  • If you take the decision to invest, keep in mind that the Broker Firm must sign a contract with you.